Future University Hakodate  Repository Procedures



Article1               The procedures provided herespecify necessary matters to operate the Future University Hakodate Repository(hereinafter referred to as the “Repository”).



Article2               The Repository collects, compiles,and stores the outcomes that have been produced through education and researchactivities at Future University Hakodate (hereinafter referred to as the“educational and research outcomes”) in digital format, and publicizes them onand off campus through the network free of cost. It aims to contribute thedevelopment of education and research at Future University Hakodate and to makea social contribution through disclosure of academic information to the public.



Article3               Media Library SteeringCommittee deliberates important matters concerning the Repository.


2.                        Repository Working Group,the sub-committee of Media Library Steering Committee, reviews the mattersregarding the maintenance and operation of the Repository.


3.                        Future University Hakodate  Media Library is in charge ofclerical work of the Repository.



Article4               Individual who is eligibleto publicize the educational and/or research outcomes on the Repository(hereinafter referred to as a “registrant”) is as follows.


(1)            Facultyand staff members or students who have been affiliated with Future UniversityHakodate


(2)             Individuals who are approved by theChair of Media Library.


(Target Publication)

Article5               The educational and researchoutcomes publicized in the Repository must fulfill the following conditions.


(1) Theoutcomes must have academic values and fit in either one of the followingcategories.

(a)Academic papers (that have been publicized in an academic journal or presentedat a conference, etc.)

(b)Academic dissertation (doctoral thesis, etc.)

(c)Report (research report of science research grant, etc.)

(d)Related documents of educational and research activities (workshop report,etc.)

(e)Other materials that the Chair of Media Library considers appropriate


(2) Theoutcomes should not cause legal and security problems, and must be appropriate undernormal social conventions.


(3)     The outcomes should not cause any otherproblems when being published.



Article6                   In principle, the personwho produced educational and research outcomes must post them in the repositoryby himself/herself. However, as for those produced by undergraduate andgraduate students, an academic advisor or a staff member of Media Library willtake care of their publication. 


2.                            Before publication,the registrant must agree with the following and submit Form 1. If theregistrant asks his/her advisor or a library staff member to publish thedocument, or the registrant’s graduation thesis is recommended by his/heradvisor as a model thesis, Form 2 or Form 3 must be submitted respectively.Although the form is submitted, the copyright will not be given away toanybody.


(1) Theeducational or research outcome is duplicated and stored on the server wherethe repository resides or the comparable on-campus server.


(2) Theeducational or research outcome is publicized on and off campus through thenetwork free of cost.


(3) Theeducational or research outcome is duplicated for storage and use, and theformat is converted.



Article7               Before giving approval, theChair of Media Library must investigate the educational or research outcomesthat are to be published, regarding the copyrights and other issues related tothe publication, and consult the Repository Working Group.


(Deletion and Stop of Publication)

Article8               The Chair of Media Libraryis able to delete or stop publication of the educational or research outcomes,if the condition fits into either one of the following.


(1) Theregistrant makes a request to delete or stop publication of the educational orresearch outcome.


(2) The publicationis considered to cause trouble because the contents are extremely inappropriatesocially and academically or may violate the copyright.



Article9               Future University Hakodate  is not responsible for any damagescaused by the registration, publication, and usage of the educational andresearch outcomes in the Repository.


(Additional Provision)

Article10             The Chair of Media Library decidesnecessary matters other than those provided in the procedures.


(Supplementary Provision)

The procedures mentioned here are enforcedfrom the date of January 6, 2011.


(Supplementary Provision)

The procedures mentioned here are enforcedfrom the date of March 1, 2016.